Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Men of Mystery...

...is a mystery no more! Howarth Press have just released this print anthology filled with tales from the darker side of life, which includes 'Any Means Necessary', my short story about two bent cops (in both senses of the word).

This book has been something of a marathon for the editors, Sean Meriwether and Greg Wharton. It was originally slated to come out around 2 years ago but the publisher pulled out, and Sean and Greg worked their socks off to find another publisher and get the anthology off the ground. And here, better late than never , is the result, which I have to say looks great. Readers of m/m may recognise some of the other authors featured, including Vincent Diamond.

To read more, or order your copy direct from Howarth Press, go here. And enjoy!


veinglory said...

Glad to hear it's out!

fiona glass said...

Thanks hon! Yeah, it's been a bit of a long wait... LOL