Monday, August 14, 2006


I really need to focus more. I counted up last night and found I have eleven works of novella-length or more in progress, and don't look like finishing any of them soon. Sigh. Fair enough, one or two are very old and a couple more have stalled big time after I hit snags with the plot, but that still leaves about six that I could and should finish. The trouble is choosing which one to go with. All of 'em are reasonably entertaining, with a bit of luck and hard work all of 'em could potentially be sold. So how do I work out which one to concentrate on? Quick answer - I don't. I take out my oldest novel, which I've been writing on and off for the last five years, and potter about with that again in the hope that something suddenly falls into place and I get momentum on one of the others. And if all else fails, the old novel might even be kicked into shape yet. Anyone looking for space opera? LOL

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's just not cricket

Or should that be, it's not just cricket?!

The new Play Ball anthology edited by CB Potts is out today from Torquere Press and includes Sticky Wicket, my own sex'n'cricket romp, as well as heaps of other hot stories from Torquere favourites and newcomers alike, including James Buchanan. Here's the details, courtesy of James.

Play Ball! Cover

Play Ball!

Swing batter! Bend over and hike that ball! You got it, this one is all about the men of sports! From the tried and true favorites like football and baseball, to lesser known sports like cricket and fencing, Play Ball takes them all on, and sexes them up!

Featuring authors like Sean Michael, James Buchanan, BA Tortuga, and new to Torquere authors such as Sean Hagan and Linnet, this collection put together by CB Potts has something for everyone. So strap on the pads and get ready to rumble! Check out Play Ball today.

Buy it Now!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I've just finished a short story about vampires which I'm hoping might make it into the new issue of Forbidden Fruit. It involves Gilles de Rais, a fifteenth century French nobleman who by all accounts was a thoroughly bad lot involved in devil worship, child sacrifice O.o and goodness knows what else! You'll be pleased to know no children were sacrificed during the writing of the story *grin* and I've kept the plot strictly to the vampire part of his exploits.

Blurb: Dave is baffled when his long-time friend and hoped-for lover Giles suddenly decides to go to Italy on a whim. Meanwhile, a world-famous archaeologist is opening a sarcophagus in a remote vault under the Vatican.... *Cue doom-laden music* LOL

Want to read the rest? You'll have to wait till September, I'm afraid. But I'll keep you all posted on whether it's accepted or not.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


It's true - Elfmeet has leaped to the top of the Lady Aibell Press bestseller list as of today. I'm a very happy bunny!