Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are you right for writing?

This is a fun little quiz by writer-and-guru Holly Lisle. It's short (10 questions) and only takes a minute or two to complete, but the results can be fascinating as well as fun.

I already knew that my easily-distracted mind is one of my biggest downfalls in sticking to writing and sure enough, those were the questions I scored lowest on. I also knew that I have a vivid imagination (too vivid?!) and I scored much higher on that.

There's a serious message behind the fun, too. Anyone who's in this for a fast buck, or for any other reason than the sheer love of writing, is probably in the wrong job!

You can find the 'Are you right for writing quiz' at Holly Lisle's site. I scored 60. How did you get on?


Caroline Dunford said...

73 - so as long I can actually write, and I suspect the jury is still out, I'm ok! :)

Emily Veinglory said...

I must say I am at least 50% in it for bucks.

Emily Veinglory said...

20. Yeah, um, there are different ways of being a writer, really. This won't exactly keep me up at night.

fiona glass said...

I don't have many illusions about the money *g* but when it comes to the vision of all those spines on a bookstore shelf with my name on them... *cough* ;)

And as one of my other writer friends said, you'd really need to be an obsessive compulsive with no social life to score the top marks. :D