Friday, June 26, 2009

Writers' desks: Sharon Maria Bidwell

And now for something completely different. ;)

A few weeks back I thought it might be nice to run a little feature on my blog, once a week or thereabouts, showcasing writers' desks. The Guardian runs a similar series, based on Writers' Rooms, which I've always found a fascinating insight into authors and the sort of environment they like to work in. I'm hoping, on a smaller scale, I can do the same.

First up in the new series is British author Sharon Maria Bidwell. If you'd like to take part, please email me for details of what I need.


"I don’t always write at my desk. I face a wall because I’d spend too much time staring out at the world. I can still turn my head left or right to see through a window.

I fell in love with the glass desk not realising it would be cold to rest on in winter. The hearts are from a shop in Boscastle, Cornwall, just one of many places I love. So is one of the two dragons here. I love dragons and many are dotted about the
house. The piece of pink quartz is supposed to block negative ions or something...I forget exactly. I’m not convinced, but it’s pretty.

Betty Boop and Marvin the Martian are recent additions and appeal to my sense of humour, particularly Marvin with gun raised as if to say “stay away”. Fine, so I need treatment. The most important item on the desk and which you can’t see very well is a tiny photo of my beloved pet, now deceased. There isn’t one of the other half because although we carry photos of each other, they are kept private.

The wrist-rest has been heaven sent. I get RSI in my right wrist. This is a 'neat' moment. The neatness varies but I am much better organised than I used to be, meaning I have trays in which to put things away in order to forget all about them. My filing pile used to be a waste bin so I think a tray is an improvement.

My desk is no longer hidden away in some small room. I missed my husband. LOL. I’ve learned to write despite distractions, although there are times I need peace and quiet. I also like to write on a laptop in the garden."


Sharon’s writing is diverse, often crossing genres, blending horror, fantasy, action, adventure, fairy tales, gothic, erotica, and romance in any combination. She’s called her website “Aonia” for in Greek myth that is where the muses lived and with numerous publishing credits, the muses have definitely found a home at Aonia.


Natalie Acres said...

You have a lovely work space, Sharon. Your desk looks so organized!

Best wishes,

Natalie Acres

fiona glass said...

Thanks for the comment, Natalie. I'm glad you enjoyed the new feature. :)

Jackie Luben said...

I'm most impressed at Sharon's desk. Mine is rarely so tidy.

Nice idea, Fiona.

fiona glass said...

Thanks, Jackie, glad you enjoyed it. There'll be more coming soon! And I'll pass your comment on to Sharon. :)

Sharon M.Bidwell said...

Thanks to everyone who thinks my desk looks so tidy. Actually it goes through messy through to tidy cycles and back again. I did remove all the papers that needed filing and discovered a surprisingly neat desk underneath. LOL. As the desk is now in part of our main living space, I am trying to make and effort. Mind you, right now said space is full of tools waiting to go in new shed so no matter what state it gets in right now hubby can't moan about a messy desk. *g*

Merry said...

Your desk is lovely, but what I *really* like is your wallpaper!