Thursday, July 02, 2009

Story in Mslexia

I was all set to blog about something completely different today.

And then the postman called, and a large brown envelope bounced onto the doormat containing my subscription copy of Mslexia, a well respected British literary magazine by and for women. I always enjoy leafing through so I ripped the thing open... and out popped a cheque.

Oh, I thought. Has there been a problem with my subscription? Have I overpaid?

Not so. When I looked at the fiction section I discovered, to my absolute joy and amazement, that they've published a short story of mine. The piece, which is untitled, is a modern parable on the subject of bricks and mortar, told in only 150 words, which was quite a challenge in itself. I've been sending stories to this magazine for years because it's so well respected (and because I like it, dammit), but I never, ever thought my work would find its way onto their pages. As you can imagine, I'm somewhat excited (aka hyperventilating) to be proved wrong.

You can find full details on how and where to buy copies of the magazine (including a list of stockists if you don't want the bother of sending off for one) on their online subscriptions page. The magazine is usually stuffed with interesting, valuable and sensible articles on the subject of womens' writing, as well as a selection of new writing. In this case, it's poetry as they're showcasing the winners of their recent poetry competition, but one flash story appears in every issue regardless.

If you do decide to buy a copy of the magazine, my story is on page 30. And that's Issue 42, by the way. I had to use a picture of the previous edition because they haven't quite finished updating their website yet!


Merry said...

My copy hasn't arrived yet - it usually comes a couple of days after you get yours, so I should be able to check out your story today or tomorrow. Congratulations!

fiona glass said...

Thank you! Hope it arrives soon. I'm wondering if contributors get theirs a day or two earlier still, because they haven't even updated their website with the latest issue yet.

Jessica said...

Congrats - I'm also still waiting for mine to arrive but will be your short piece once it does :)

I found your blog via Pygmy Giant.


fiona glass said...

Hi Jessica, nice to 'meet' you. :) The new mag is out now (turns out that contributors get their special copy a few days early!) so hopefully you won't have too long to wait.