Thursday, September 02, 2010

Reading positions

The Guardian's book blog had an amusing article yesterday on the positions people choose to read, especially if they're reading in bed.

The blog's author seemed to think that lying on one's side is the most common position for reading in bed, and it's certainly the one I find most comfortable. If I lie on my back my arms get tired holding the book aloft; if I roll onto my stomach I end up with neck-ache and sore elbows. Oddly, though, I always lie on my right side, never my left. This makes no sense because I'm right-handed, so lying on my left side would free up my right hand/arm for turning the pages. But I don't, and don't think I ever could.

At least I'm not like one writer friend who doesn't read in bed at all, but in the bath. I'd love to know how she stops the pages getting soggy!

How do you read in bed? Book or e-reader? Sitting or lying? And do you ever fall asleep with the book in your hand?


Merry said...

I tend to sit up in bed to read. I've got two extra pillows specifically to support my back so it's a bit like sitting in an armchair, only in bed. I can't read on my side because my shoulders and arms go numb if I do. I can't read on my stomach because it hurts my back and if I actually lie on my back to read I'll be asleep in no time at all.

I have fallen asleep with my book in my hands, waking up when it hits the floor or just tips a little too far. I also read in the bath - paperbacks rather than hardbacks - and haven't dropped a book in since (touch wood) the Hobbit in 1979. I still have that book, too. It was such good quality that the pages dried nicely without sticking and they haven't grown mouldy either!


fiona glass said...

LOL - that's why the hobbit was so small - he shrank in the wash. :D