Wednesday, March 09, 2011


It's been a truly hectic day today, with trips out to a charity jumble sale and to the supermarket. We've also had a visit from the local Planning Officer to discuss our plans for an extension to the kitchen, and I'm busy packing. So I wasn't expecting to get anything much done in the way of writing, but how wrong I was.

Just before tea I typed the last full-stop in the last story for my crime anthology - a dark little piece about a stolen Faberge egg. I'll need to let it lie fallow for a few days and then re-read it, and I might want to rewrite the ending (always the bit I have most difficulty with). After that there's one more story that needs some serious TLC; but after *that*, all that's left is a general polish and tidy up to make sure all the formatting is consistent and that everything makes sense. And then I can start sending out query letters.

It's all really exciting and I still can't quite believe that I've finished the whole thing after all this time. I first started collecting dark, crime-themed stories together some time last year and it's taken the best part of a year to write enough to fill an anthology. Stories have popped on and off the contents list as the overall theme changed, and as I wrote better or more appropriate work. But now I have fifteen stories of varying lengths and varying shades of noir - and I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. All I need now is to find an interested publisher. Wish me luck!


Kate said...

It's a great feeling, isn't it, when you finally type those words 'The End'.

Good luck finding a publisher for this.

Fiona Glass said...

Yes, it's a lovely feeling and one that doesn't happen to me nearly often enough - I'm terrible at finishing things!

Thanks for stopping by. :)