Thursday, April 28, 2011


So there I was keeping a beady eye on The Pygmy Giant after they accepted my latest offering, Cracked. Then I got hopelessly busy, forgot to check for one day, and lo and behold the story snuck onto the site behind my back. Isn't it typical? Hence I'm a little late with this announcement, for which I can only apologise.

The good news is, Cracked is now available to read completely free at The Pygmy Giant. It tells the story of Geoffrey, a maths teacher at a modern-day school who has a spectacular fall from grace after losing patience with an out-of-control pupil. The story is one of a very, very few which presented itself fully formed in my head and I've always been rather fond of it for that reason; and I'm absolutely delighted and overcome at the positive response from the readers. Comments so far include 'wonderful writing', 'the right side of sad', and 'this story gives me pause'. I'm glowing!


Bill Kirton said...

Great story, Fiona. I tried to leave a comment but it seemed to disappear. In essence it was just to remark on how tender and compassionate your telling of the story was, how the voice suited the context perfectly. I loved 'a grey ghostly army that life got its own back on long ago'. Good job.

Fiona Glass said...

Thanks so much Bill - I'm delighted you enjoyed it!