Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend break

We've just got back from a weekend away, staying with my uncle on the Isle of Wight. We'd been supposed to go last year but had to put it off twice, once because we discovered the flood in our Windermere house and once because Dave had to work. It was lovely to finally get the chance to see everyone again (my uncle, his wife-who-shall-not-be-called-auntie, my cousin and her long-term partner, and five cats).

We caught up on all the news, got treated to several very nice meals out, and mostly took refuge in the house since the weather was shocking. On the Saturday we walked down to the sea front at Ventnor, where the waves were crashing against the sea wall. Whilst we stood there the sun came out and bathed everything in a wonderful stormy aquamarine light and I reached for my camera... only to realise I'd left it in our bedroom...

Sunday was drier but only in relative terms so we pottered round an antiques fair in a local village hall and (of course) just had to buy a pretty silver filigree bracelet and a pair of miniature Staffordshire dogs. I'd like to collect the latter but Dave thinks they're sinister and wouldn't let me fill the house with them. Shame as I think they're cute!

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