Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kindle charges

This post is really aimed at any writers out there thinking about publishing their work on Kindle; the information has filtered down to me (via a writer friend) from the head honcho at electronic publisher Untreed Reads.

Apparently, for any work priced at less than $2.99 (or the £ equivalent in the UK, presumably), Amazon takes back a hefty 65% on every sale. For titles over $2.99, Amazon check regularly and if they find it for sale at a lower price anywhere else they will automatically reduce the Kindle price to match and only pay royalties on the lower price.

It's worth bearing this information in mind, especially for anyone hoping to put out single-title short stories on Kindle, as it will have a big effect on the amount of income you can expect from your sales.

There's always a downside, isn't there?


Liz/moth said...

Hi! Checking Blogger - I only lurk here and never post so I don't check as often as I should.

I'm investigating Kindle and Smashwords self-publishing (for me) and will be sharing the result of my research and experiences at my new blog on Wordpress. I'll send you an invitation but will wait till you've got your story out of the way... because invites time out there! But it's in my pen name - Jay Mountney - so don't think some perfect stranger is stalking you *g*

Still intending to drive up to the Lakes when the weather improves!

Fiona Glass said...

I didn't realise Wordpress did invitations as well but yes please - your blog sounds as though it will be very useful.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!