Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Birthday cakes and birthday suits

Great news - Radgepacket Vol 6 has been released a few days ahead of schedule, which means you can now get your grubby paws on my latest story, Jack in the Box. This is a dark, gritty story of a young man cosying up to the local mob boss to get what he wants, which isn't necessarily what you first think it is.

"The first time I clapped eyes on Frank Turnbull I was jumping naked out of the cake at his fiftieth birthday party."

If you want to see what happens after that rather memorable entrance you'll have to buy the book, but that's no hardship as it's crammed with 'industrial-strength' fiction from authors established and new, and only costs £5.99 from Amazon UK, or $10 from

Happy reading - but please don't ask me to re-enact the above excerpt. It would not be pretty.

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