Friday, July 06, 2012

We've moved!

I seem to have spent the last week clambering over, around, and even in and out of cardboard boxes, and trying to decide where to stuff their contents. The good news, though, is that the move is now complete, we're settled in our new place, and apart from one broken glass and a small dent to one of the dining chairs, everything survived unscathed.

It's been a completely exhausting process, mind you, and leaving the old house was more of a wrench than I expected. Especially as two of the friendliest neighbours came round at the exact moment we were locking the door for the last time to see us off. It was lovely of them to think of it, but I was struggling to hold back the tears and managed to set all four of us off!

I'm taking it easy this week, catching my breath and trying to get myself back into a frame of mind where I can work, rather than fretting constantly about where things are, how much more unpacking there is to do, and where on earth we can store half the things we own. Moving house is not conducive to writing... but I have managed to get going again on the rewrites for Gleams of a Remoter World, and hope to do more, and chat more, next week.


Possbert said...

Has it been terribly wet there?

Fiona Glass said...

Well, we haven't quite needed oars fitted to the car yet, but it's been a close-run thing. Squelch.