Friday, December 07, 2012

The tottering reading pile

I've just finished reading 'The Sparrow Conundrum' by Scottish crime author Bill Kirton.  I won the book as a prize a good few months ago now (ahem, probably last year) but I'm always slow to finish e-books because I'm not good at reading long passages on screen.  I really wish I'd read it sooner, though, because the book is tremendous fun.

Unlike the author's other works this is pure spoof, as a gaggle of gloriously inept secret agents bungle their way round Scotland inventing silly codes, shooting themselves in the feet, and generally failing to accomplish their missions in a quite spectacular way.  I don't think I've giggled as much in a very long time, and the postman and the exploding rose bed were pure magic.  I did guess the identity of the super-secret agent taking everybody and everything over, but it didn't detract at all from the mayhem or the entertainment.  This is definitely one to re-read, preferably on a miserable winter Sunday afternoon when I need cheering up.


Bill Kirton said...

Only just seen this, Fiona, and I wanted just to say thanks for a lovely review. The book had exactly the effect it was intended to have i.e. it made you giggle. There's too much gloom and misery about (and I know I add to it with some of my more serious stuff) and it's great to hear that a book has added a bit of laughter. Thank you.

Fiona Glass said...

You're very welcome, Bill. And thank *you* for the fun!