Tuesday, February 05, 2013

QueeredFiction bites the dust

I've just popped over to the QueeredFiction website to check on something, and found the following brief and rather unhelpful message:

"QueeredFiction Press is closed. We thank you for being part of the QueeredFiction Press journey. "

And that's all.  There's no mention of the books and stories published by QF over the years, or whether the rights have reverted to the authors, or what's happened to any royalties that might be owing.  It's all a little unsatisfactory, and directly affects me because I had a story in their Queer Dimensions anthology.  Presumably, that's no longer available so I'll have to remove mention of it from my website.

It's a real shame the press has struggled the last few years and now closed, because the quality of the books they produced was very high, both in terms of formatting and in terms of the writing.  The stories in Queer Dimensions were mostly an absolute joy, and the editor was a thoroughly professional and pleasant chap.  However, small presses do tend to fail with monotonous regularity so I suppose it's no surprise this has gone the way of so many others...


Alex Draven said...

Naomi Jay gives some coverage here - I'm guessing things were less smooth than they looked on the outside, but as a reader, I really enjoyed their publications.


Fiona Glass said...

Thanks for that - it doesn't shed a great deal more light on why the publisher closed but reading between the lines does suggest a few internal problems.

I loved the other stories in Queer Dimensions, too - the standard struck me as being very high (quite apart from my story!).