Thursday, June 27, 2013

Does my blog look pink in this?

I've been working away from my usual desk the last few days, using a laptop with a very different screen from my normal pc.

And I've noticed something odd.  On my pc, this blog is all in shades of muted beige and brown, and the background to the invidiual posts is so pale as to be almost invisible.  But on my laptop, that background has a definite pink tinge, which in some lighting conditions looks dark enough to be classed as light red.

It's a little baffling because it's not a colour I've chosen or set in the Blogger controls, and it can make the posts harder to read.

So, does this blog look pink to you?  Is the background getting in the way of the text?  Does it look as though the whole thing's been washed through in strawberry juice, or blood?  If so,  please, please let me know, and I'll go and hack about in the controls again and see if I can tone it down.  I don't want to make anyone queasy!


Possbert said...

It's a lovely shade of pale beige. Really nice.

Fiona Glass said...

That's a relief - thanks! There must just be something wrong with the screen on my laptop...