Sunday, August 04, 2013

Windermere as you've never seen it

Last night we went to the cinema to see The Wolverine.  Great film (at least until the ending) and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening out.  Apart from one thing.  During the preliminary adverts they showed this:

It's a promotional video for Windermere Reflections, a local environmental pressure/action group who are trying to clean up the lake and its surrounding catchment area.  They have the best intentions, but if you haven't already seen it, be warned.  It may very well be the worst, most amateur, most embarrassing video ever produced.  I've seen things by primary school children that were better, and less likely to make viewers want to hide behind the nearest cushion.  Goodness knows what any visitors to the area thought, if indeed they were still capable of thought after three minutes of this.

Both Dave and I watched between the fingers of our hands, and were highly amused to see the couple in front of us (who also turned out to be local) doing exactly the same.

So go on.  If you want to see Lake Windermere as a blue cardboard cut-out being worn by a female singer while she poses in front of local beauty spots, watch the video.  I can guarantee you won't get the image (or the irritating 'Windermere song') out of your head for hours.  'Dumb Ways to Die' it ain't...

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