Friday, February 21, 2014

Stars - of both varieties

A couple of weeks ago Dave headed down to London to attend the big Astrofest event - a convention for astronomers.  We both went two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, but this year the university had asked him to help man their stall, so I decided not to go again as I'd have been on my own most of the time.

He had a brilliant time, meeting lots of interesting people, giving out leaflets, twisting a few arms, and even finding time to attend some of the talks.  And in a spare moment, he got me a rather special present to bring back. 

It's a book about the history of the universe, called 'Bang'! and co-authored by Patrick Moore (of Sky at Night fame), Chris Lintott (who's taken over from Patrick Moore) and the ex-Queen guitarist and cosmologist Brian May.  Not only that, but he'd got signatures.  No sign of Patrick Moore as he'd have needed a séance and a Ouija board to contact him, sadly, but there was Chris Lintott's scrawl, and underneath, my name, a couple of kisses, and the autograph of Brian May.  To say I was over the moon is one, a really bad pun and two, a complete understatement!

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