Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Lucky find

We took advantage of the sudden warm spring-like weather to stroll down to the lake on Sunday afternoon, and very festive it was too.  The sun had brought out the crowds; people were wandering about feeding the swans and munching ice-creams almost as though it was summer, and the shops had flung open their doors to catch the trade.

This included the little 'Bric a Brac' shop down an alley behind the church, which nearly always has something tempting on its shelves.  I was busy browsing the books when Dave came to grab me.  "You know you've been looking out for the soundtrack to that old BBC series 'Flight of the Condor'," he said.  "Well, they've got it outside, on CD, for a quid."

I nearly ran him over in the rush to get my hands on said CD, because I have indeed been trying to track it down for absolutely years.  The BBC in their wisdom released the soundtrack (a stunning mix of South American music) on LP, and then brought it out on the (then) brand-new format of CD... for about six months... and promptly wiped the entire recording.  Hence copies of the CD are like hen's teeth.  I've had a watch on Ebay for about the last two years with no success; yet here it was, sitting in a pile of other CDs as though it was nothing special.

I chucked a pound coin in the general direction of the shop assistant (who had her hands rather full at the time trying to persuade a giant bumble bee to leave the shop), and headed home well pleased with my loot.  It's amazing what you can find, poking around in these little second-hand shops sometimes!

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