Friday, May 09, 2014

Back to Holehird

During our first visit to the LHS gardens at Holehird, Dave discovered that they have a fully-functional weather station nearby and one of the volunteers regularly collates and publishes the stats.  Since this might prove useful for his astronomy, he contacted the chap and got talking, and the net result was another trip to the gardens to meet up.

The two guys chatted about meteorology and data-gathering while I had another very pleasant mooch round, and then we piled into a car for a quick trip to a secret location to see the weather station.  I can't say exactly where because it's on private farmland and the sheep might get cross, but it wasn't far and gave us the opportunity to get 'up close and personal' with the various bits of equipment.  These days it's all a lot more high-tec than the experiments we did at school, with sat-nav and computer link-ups and gawd knows what.  It was surprisingly interesting, and the stunning scenery, plus lambs and rabbits scuttling about, made for a very enjoyable trip out.

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