Friday, April 13, 2007

Not so distant

Publication of my short story The Visitor in the sf/romance anthology 'Distant Horizons' has just moved a step closer. Previously the title has been listed as 'tentative' by the publisher, Howarth Press, but now they've taken the step of paying the contributors which means it's confirmed.

The listed date of publication is still not until winter 2007/2008 which is a long time to wait but hopefully it'll be worth it. As far as I know nobody else has published a romantic (as opposed to erotic) sci-fi anthology before and I'm looking forward to reading the other stories.

More news as and when I get it.


Emily Veinglory said...

Wow, the print pubs do move sloooooowly...

fiona glass said...

Yeaahhh... 'Men of Mystery' has taken two years to get to (almost) print and this one looks like being every bit as long.

Not good for the old blood pressure. LOL