Thursday, April 05, 2007

Strapline contest

There are advantages to being a writer. Hubby's company are going through a re-branding exercise at the moment and have decided to run a staff contest to come up with a new strapline. Hubby took one look at the contest guidelines and handed the whole thing over to me saying, "Here, this looks more like your sort of thing." Not bad when the prize is a weekend away for two!

Advertising copy isn't my strong point, but I grubbed about with the company's key areas of achievement, expertise etc and came up with about half a dozen straplines, one of which I like very much. Closing date is the end of next week, I think, so I'll be nagging hubby to get them sent in before that. Then I sit and wait, and hope, and plan where we'll travel to, *if* I win. ;)


Emily Veinglory said...

Good luck :)

fiona glass said...

Thanks hon!! You notice I'm not saying what my strapline idea is... just in case. ;)