Monday, April 27, 2009

A toast rack?

I've been looking out for something to keep letters and odd scraps of paper tidy on my desk for ages. This afternoon I pottered round to the local high street and happened to stumble across exactly what I needed in one of the charity shops. It's a small silver-coloured (don't suppose for one moment it's real silver!) toast rack, very old fashioned with pointed arches and a looped handle at the top. It's seen better days as the arches are all skew-whiff, but it cost me the amazing sum of... 99p. So I don't really mind. I've already stuffed a load of stamps and business cards in there and it's doing exactly what I wanted, which is making a bit more space on my desk. Thank goodness for charity shops - you never know quite what you're going to find next.


insomniachronicles said...

Hi Fiona, thanks for reading my story on the pygmy giant website :) Really glad you enjoyed it.
Aren't charity shops the best thing ever? There are few things I find more pleasurable than rooting out a fantastic bargain from the depths of a charity shop. I'm living abroad at the moment and whenever I'm away am aware that charity shops are very unique to our quirky little British island. Hope the toaster is managing to keep your desk tidy!

fiona glass said...

Hi Rebecca, lovely to hear from you! I didn't realise they didn't have charity shops elsewhere in the world...