Monday, November 30, 2009

First floods, now snow...

There was snow on the fells on Friday night. It's not the first they've had but it may have been the most so far since there was quite a covering - enough to turn them into surprisingly Alpine peaks.

We bowled over to Keswick for the day and had a smashing time. It's pretty much business as usual in spite of the floods, apart from a couple of road bridges which are still closed for safety reasons. We had a lovely walk down by the lake, which has emptied out massively but left a ring of debris at an astonishing height above the usual level - and the Theatre by the Lake smelled strongly of pond water when we popped in there. It's good to see everyone pulling together to clear up and get back to normal and we were glad we'd made the effort to go and spend a bit of money in the town.

We took some photos of the amazing weather. The snow was causing sublimation clouds to form over the fells so it was quite hard to catch more than a glimpse of the 'white stuff', but the overall effect was still very scenic.

Skiddaw looming over the town:

Looking across Derwentwater to Cat Bells and the north-western fells:

And again, with some of the half-flooded piers in the foreground:

A couple of local residents tucking into Saturday lunch:


Sharon M.Bidwell said...

Fab photographs. Very atmospheric and dreamy. I should have thought very inspiring. Not that I'm nudging you to write or anything. :o)

fiona glass said...

Get thee behind me Satan. :P