Sunday, January 16, 2011

Printer rage

Am I the only person who beats my fists on the desk in sheer frustration when I'm trying to write and vital bits of equipment or software won't work?

I spent a large portion of Friday afternoon crawling round on my hands and knees underneath my desk, trying to get my cheap-useless-piece-of-crap printer to actually PRINT. First of all it wouldn't talk to the laptop even though everything was plugged in and switched on. Then it took about 20 sheets through the feeder at once. Then I took everything out except one sheet and that wouldn't go through. Then I got a couple of sheets to go through and they went in skewed and jammed. Now the bloody thing won't work at all.

Aaargh. *hits head repeatedly on keyboard*

I'm coming to the conclusion that cheap printers aren't worth it. This one only cost about £30, but has lasted less than a year...

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