Friday, January 21, 2011

Website update

Following on from my news about QueeredFiction's recent facelift, I should mention that I've updated various links, information etc on my own website to make it easier to read about (and order!) 'Queer Dimensions'. I've added a snippet of a very nice review from Rainbow Reviews, and a whole plethora of links to point of sale for both the electronic and print versions of the book.

You can find the result here.

In other writing news I'm feeling rather pleased with myself today since I've finished off not one but two new stories for the crime anthology. One is a ghoulish tale about a crack in a girl's bedroom wall; the other starts with a man jumping naked out of a birthday cake. I've been struggling with the latter because neither the plot nor the language seemed to match up to the first line, but at long last I've scribbled something I'm happy with. It's much darker and more vicious than I first intended, but better for it in many ways.

The anthology is filling up nicely. I have two, possibly three more stories to finish (depending on how long they turn out to be), and major rewrites on a couple of others. After that, I might actually be ready to start sending it out. Of course, it would help if I could finish two stories a day, every day...

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