Monday, April 02, 2012

Good walk

Saturday morning was fine, if a little chilly, so we decided to beat the crowds, park up nice and early in Ambleside and have a walk. And it was glorious. The sun shone all the way, the recent haze had cleared to leave stunning views of the fells, and although it stayed chilly it was perfect weather for walking.

We headed up one of our favourite walks - the Scandale path as far as High Sweden Bridge. We'd have liked to go further but we only had a two-hour ticket in the car park which just gave us time to march to the bridge, take some photos and march back down again.

The Scandale path gains height out of the town quite rapidly and there wasn't much sign of spring once we'd got beyond the last straggle of houses. Until we reached the packhorse bridge, looked over the other side, and saw a host not of daffodils but of primroses along the bank of Scandale Beck. Pure magic!

Now we're back in the 'smoke' for a few days and the contrast is not a happy one...

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