Monday, April 16, 2012

Spellchecker hilarity

Over the weekend Dave was catching up on some long overdue admin and one of the things he finally got round to was leaving some glowing feedback for the architect who designed and project-managed our extension for us.

The site where he left the feedback had an online pro-forma to fill in, which rather unusually had its own spellchecker.

Dave was part-way through filling the form in when he suddenly collapsed with a fit of the giggles, which rapidly turned to uncontrollable cackling, which turned to howls of laughter. The reason? The spellchecker had taken offence at the word 'Windermere' in the address line and wanted Dave to change it to...

... Wonderbra.

I seriously think this is the best spellchecker prompt EVER, but if you have any that can trump it please let me know.


Possbert said...

I was starting to wonder just what it was you were getting extended!

Fiona Glass said...

Snort! The house, m'dear, just the house. ;)