Monday, December 09, 2013

Milder and settled, eh?

We're fed up with Xmas shopping so on Saturday we treated ourselves to a day out and drove over to Keswick.

Big mistake.

The weather was much worse to the north of the fells; it was windy, speckling with sleet and *bitterly* cold. We shivered our way round the market, which had some really nice things, but it was too cold to linger over them so we shot into a café to thaw out over a cuppa. When we came out, the speckles had turned to heavy sleet and the wind had got up even more. (So much for the forecast of 'milder and settled'. Ha.)

We trudged round the rest of the town centre but we weren't really dressed for the conditions and by that time I was the colour of woad. So we got back in the car and came home.  Naturally, the sleet followed us, and it was too cold, dark and generally miserable to go anywhere else.  So we spent the rest of the day doing Christmas cards and the first of the wrapping. Oh joy.

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