Friday, December 06, 2013

Wild weather

The predicted first winter storm hit us in the wee small hours yesterday, and howled and shrieked and shook the house for about seven or eight hours.  It was deeply unpleasant while it lasted but both I and the house came through unscathed.  Thank goodness for 120 year old slate cottages, is what I say.  They built them to last back then!  The worst 'damage' we've suffered is the loss of a lid off one of our recycling crates, which shot off up the road at half the speed of sound.  I searched, later, once the wind had died down a bit, but there's no sign of it.  I expect it's in Hull by now.  And Dave couldn't get home last night because the trains right across the country were screwed - two hour delays as far as the Midlands, and no trains at all anywhere north of Preston.

But it could all have been much, much worse.

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