Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Coming back again!

I've had a request from one of my readers to reinstate this blog because it's easier to track via RSS than the one on my personal webspace. Which is a very reasonable request - and as I'm a very reasonable person *grins* - here I am, back again, turning up like an old penny.

Not that there's much to report just now. I've been scribbling away on one or two new ideas, I'm betaing a novel for a friend, and I'm sorting out edits on a story that I hope is going in the latest Chippewa Publishing anthology. But for now, that's it! I'll check in again soon when I should hopefully have some more news.


Leippya said...

That's nice - RSS is very practical !

Thank you and the best of luck with your projects :)

fiona glass said...

You're welcome hon!!