Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sultry Christmas

The contract for the Sultry Shades of Christmas anthology came through yesterday but I didn't have time to look at it. I put that right today and after querying a few minor details with the editor, I printed it out, filled in the blanks and shoved it in an envelope ready to mail to Canada. I might have been a bit previous with my announcements, though. It now looks as though the anthology's planned for Christmas 2006, not Christmas 2005 as I'd thought. Not that it matters - it gives the editor and publishers longer to ensure a really good product. Must admit I'd been wondering how on earth they were going to get it out in time for this year's festive season!

And talking of anthologies, I've given Chippewa Publishing permission to put one of my contracted stories in a new one they have planned, called (rather wonderfully) 'The Twelve Elves of Christmas'. LOL I think 'Lost Property' was due to come out at stome stage as a stand-alone e-book, but I'm happy to have it included in an anthology and although the overall return will probably be less, it'll be nice to have a payment in hand rather than waiting for the royalties to come through!

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