Saturday, February 26, 2011

All on my ownsome

Dave has gone off to an astronomy weekend in Preston and left me on my tod. Before we met I quite often spent weekends alone but once you're married you get out of the habit and when it does happen it feels a little strange.

I'm keeping busy, though. Yesterday I got on with some decorating in the living room; we inherited a pleasant but very neutral colour scheme (cream carpet, cream curtains, off-cream walls) and I'm zinging it up a bit using a spare pot of yellow paint we brought from Brum.

Today one of the neighbours is popping in for a coffee and to pick up armfuls of 'stuff' for a jumble sale in aid of Cancer Research. She's on the local committee and helps to organise fund-raising events and we're downsizing and desperate for a good home for some of our unwanted stuff, so it makes sense to get together. This time I'll be handing over a couple of unused sleeping bags, an attache case, and a whole bin liner full of 'bits and bobs'. It's amazing what you can find stuffed in the back of cupboards when you really start to look.

Tomorrow if the weather's half decent I might pop out for a local walk - the waterfalls should be impressive after all the rain we've had. And after that, suddenly Dave will be back and I won't have done half the things I wanted to get done while he was out of the way. I spoke to him briefly on the phone last night and he was already having fun so I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when he gets back.


Bill Kirton said...

Surely it's a good excuse to write thousands of words without fear of being interrupted? Trouble is, if you did that you'd probably find yourself encouraging him to go away more often.

Fiona Glass said...

::chuckles:: No, no, I wouldn't do that. Would I? Um, I'd better not answer that one.