Friday, February 24, 2012

Door to nowhere

We have a brand new door on our landing... but it doesn't go to a room, or a corridor, or even a set of stairs.

This doesn't mean we've discovered a hole in the space/time continuum, or a new way into Narnia, or even a portal to another universe. What it does mean is that we've been moving furniture in my study again.

I think I've mentioned that my study (really more of a box room) is very small and an awkward shape. Recently I treated myself to a new desk, to replace the rag-tag of hand-me-downs I'd been managing on, none of which really fitted the space. The new desk is a proper full-height adult one with drawers to give me better storage and fits into my 'writing corner' beautifully. The only slight drawback is that my large bookcase won't fit in next to it any more.

No problem, I thought. There's an odd little entry-way to the room and the bookcase should fit in there. The only problem with that was that there was a door in the way - the door to the room. So Dave got busy with a screwdriver the other night and took that off its hinges, and moved the bookcase into the space where the door had been.

The bookcase is fine. It looks a little odd, but then this house is full of quirks and kinks and corners so it fits right in. The only problem now is... what to do with a full-sized door. Dave left it leaning against the banisters on the landing, where it looks thoroughly surreal and where I can trip over it ever time I leave the bedroom. Hopefully, we can find somewhere else to store it before long. Until then, I'm very tempted to try opening it, and see if there's anything unexpected on the other side...

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