Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm on Goodreads

The title says it all, really. One of my writer friends first recommended Goodreads a couple of years ago now but it's taken me this long to sit down, register myself with them, get a profile and start collecting books.

I have to say it isn't the easiest social networking site to join. I found the process very unintuitive and it took me a whole hour to realise that the microscopic icon on the top right hand side of my 'books' page was the link to my profile. And I still haven't worked out how to get a blog on there, or link that blog to my own blog here, or even how to review the books I've read and rated. But using any of these sites includes a steep learning curve and I'll keep on fiddling and ferreting until I've cracked it.

What I did want to say was that I haven't yet tracked down many of my fellow-victims, er, I mean members, on the Goodreads network. So if you're a member already and would like to link to me, or even just browse my bookshelves and poke around what I enjoy reading, then hurry along to my profile and feel free to 'friend' me from there.

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