Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New story accepted by Riptide

It's funny how things work out, isn't it? I'd only just mentioned Riptide Publishing in a post the other day, and then I got the terrific news that they've accepted one of my own stories. And remember my post about meeting that very tight deadline on a call for submissions a week or two ago? Well, it was that very story that they've decided to take.

The story is called Necessity's Door (based on a quote by Daniel Defoe) and tells the tale of Jake, an undercover copper who poses as a rentboy and finds himself getting sucked into the life he's forced to lead. Will he get out with his life, honour and virtue intact or will the temptation be too much for him? Will his partner Mac help, or will it be left to new man in his life Graham to ride to the rescue? Although it sounds like straightforward smut it's actually a little more serious and thought-provoking than that, and was inspired by a sort of 'what if' moment: what if an undercover detective really did find himself in that situation? What if he liked the life, or the benefits it might bring?

You'll be able to find out for yourselves in May, which is when the book is due to appear. It'll be published in both electronic and print formats and to say I'm over the moon about the acceptance and looking forward to the release is the understatement of the month. I'm running round the study screaming!


Liz/moth said...

Just got the pane-in-the-glass notif but decided to see what you said here. Sounds really good and just the sort of story I like so will be watching avidly for release date!!

Fiona Glass said...

Thank you! I'll be sure to let you know...