Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not long now...

It's less than a week until my new book Necessity's Door is released and the excitement is building. Well, my excitement at any rate. It's been too long since I had a whole book to myself, with just my name on the cover, and I have to admit it feels rather special.

To celebrate the launch I'll be going on a ten-day long virtual blog tour, with guest posts at ten different blogs in various corners of the internet. Each is on a different topic - an interview with the book's main character Jake, for instance, or a fun little 'did you know' about the British police force, and as well as the posts I'll be running a contest for the duration of the tour, with cool prizes!

I'll pop on here each day to make a note of where I'll be popping up next, or you can go to the main 'master list' for my blog tour at the Riptide website. That way you can follow me about, stalk me, heckle me, and find out a little more about the book (and me!) along the way. I'll see you there.

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