Friday, May 11, 2012

UK glbtq fiction meet 2012

This year I've finally got myself organised enough to book a place on the annual glbtq fiction meet-up, which is being held in Brighton. I'd wanted to go to the last couple of events but never quite made it - either we had holidays booked that clashed, or I simply forgot to book in time. But this year I'll be heading off to Brighton on Saturday 15th September, in order to meet up with lots of other glbtq authors and readers and hopefully have a thoroughly good time.

Not only that, but I've signed myself up to take part in the 'novel openings' panel, where authors will be reading out the first 150 words of their latest book. So, if you haven't bought or read Necessity's Door and want to find out if it's your cup of tea, now's your chance. Or will be, once September rolls around.

There are still places left for the weekend, so if you're interested in coming along and meeting some of your favourite authors (including, hopefully, me...) please head over to the official Meet-Up website for more details of how to book.

I'll post more details about the exact venue, time etc when September is a little closer to hand.

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