Saturday, May 19, 2012

Olympic torch relay blog tour

The Olympic flame reached Britain yesterday evening and set off on its 70 day dash round these islands first thing this morning. During that time it will visit all four home nations (England, N Ireland, Scotland, Wales), calling in at over 1,000 towns, cities and villages as well as some well-known landmarks such as Stonehenge. This morning, rather fittingly, it began its journey at Lands End in Cornwall, which is always supposed to be the most south-westerly bit of mainland Britain, and I'm sure it'll be visiting John O'Groats in north-east Scotland at some point.

And to mark the torch relay, author Charlie Cochrane has organised a special blog tour, with authors posting about places they know, love, or that feature in their books. Each day, the post will feature the particular area the torch is travelling through - be it a county, a city, or even a small village. You can find the offical torch relay blog tour blog right here - and follow the torch's progress around the country day by day.

Today's post from American writer Syd McGinley is all about the beautiful Cornish coast - very appropriate as the torch spends the day zig-zagging through the county towards the city of Plymouth.

Muggins here is due to appear on 1st July with a post about England's second city, Birmingham, which just happens to be the setting for my forthcoming book Necessity's Door. I'll remind you and re-post the link nearer to the time so do keep popping back to check.

And apologies if I seem to be making even less sense than usual. Last night I collided heavily with one of the structural beams in our attic, and although I've got away with nothing worse than a sore head and whiplash, it does seem to have temporarily scrambled my brain...

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