Monday, October 22, 2012

E-book and blog tour - day one

Just popping in for a second from the closing stages of the funeral to say that 'Gleams' is now also available in e-book format - see my webpage for further details.  I'm having a few problems connecting to the internet via a mobile dongle-thingy so if it isn't working today, many apologies, and it will definitely be updated with all the details you could possibly need (and a few more...) by tomorrow.

Today is also the first day of my virtual book tour around the net, where I visit various blogs which were kind enough to have me and rabbit about myself and the book.  Today's victim, ooops I mean kind hostess, is Amara and you can read a brief interview with yours truly.  Don't forget - leave a comment at Amara's site to give yourself the chance of winning $10 Riptide store credit!

I'll be checking in there whenever I can and will try to reply to any comments either later on today, or early tomorrow.  Please bear with me - it's a 7 hour journey each way and there's nowhere to plug the laptop into in the car!

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