Friday, October 26, 2012

Keep your truncheon in your trousers!

This is the title of my latest guest blog post, which I've just discovered appeared over at Romance Junkies on 17th October as part of the Riptide anniversary blog tour.  The title refers to a banner unfurled by women protesting outside New Scotland Yard over the antics of certain undercover police officers, and the post is all about the thorny issue of police breaking the law whilst working undercover.

This proved to be a controversial aspect of my recent book Necessity's Door, and the post is my attempt to set the record straight - yes, I really did do some research, and yes, this sort of thing really does happen, although you might never get a serving officer to admit it!

Do pop along to Romance Junkies, read the post, follow the links to various relevant newspaper articles, and join in the fun! 

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