Friday, October 26, 2012

Gleams blog tour - Day Five

I seem to be blogging about nothing but... well, blogging, at the moment!  Bear with me - this is the last one for a little while, at least, since this is the last day of my virtual blog tour to celebrate the release of Gleams of a Remoter World.

And where am I today?  Well, apart from up the wall and round the bend, you can find me at Under the Covers, with a post about music.  Or, more specifically, which music would make a good backing track assuming Gleams was ever made into a film.  There's everything from 80s pop to Gregorian Chant on the list, so why not head over for a closer look.  You might even want to settle down with the book in one hand and your tablet in the other, checking out the tracks on YouTube to see why they're so appropriate.

And, of course, there's that store credit giveaway to remember as well...  ;)

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