Thursday, January 17, 2013

Death of the bookstore revisited

You might remember I posted about the death of local bookstores back in the autumn.  If you didn't see it and would like to, you can find the original post here, but basically the owner of our local book shop wasn't taking new stock because he was struggling to make ends meet in the current digital age/economic climate.

The situation has moved on.  Last time I walked past the shop I noticed big printed signs in the windows, and assumed the worst.  However, further investigation revealed that he isn't (yet) closing his shop, or at least not permanently.  He's closing for a short period of refurbishment, after which he'll re-open as a gift shop where you can order books you've seen on the internet, or pick up books you've ordered via the internet.

This hasn't happened yet, so I'm slightly in the dark about how it will all work.  I do wish him well, though, and take my hat off to him for at least trying to keep up with modern trends.  Whether I'll be able to use his shop to buy books (or sell mine, come to that) is another matter...

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