Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gleams at Waterstones online

Like most writers I mostly have my head in the clouds so it can take me a while to catch up with new developments.

However, whilst rummaging around on the Waterstones website, I discovered that Gleams of a Remoter World is fully available on waterstones.com - and *cough* probably has been for quite some time.

Pop along to my website for further details and the all-important buying link!

I'm still working on getting the print book into Waterstones book shops.  There are lots of forms to fill in, letters to write and information to look up so it's taking longer than I hoped.  And of course, all that only goes as far as their central buying committee, who may still say no. 


Anonymous said...

You have definitely been in the clouds, very poor and unprofessional blog! I am an author from NY and your a disgrace to your own kind. Authors like you hide behind closed doors and photos like your profile picture and get a kick out of leaving childish and uneducated comments when you have the slightest idea. There is a term called "wallflower." My advice to you is to continue in your slate cottage and hide from society. Very poorly written books by the way, especially your first novel "Roses in December." Poor grammar and the editing my gosh, my grand daughter can edit better.

Fiona Glass said...
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