Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shapeshifters review

I've just spotted what may be the first review of the Fox Pockets Shapeshifters anthology, at the 'Tony's Thoughts' review site on Wordpress.

I'm sure he won't mind me nicking a couple of his comments and reproducing them here:

"There is more to this book than werewolves. It explores the mythology of various cultures from South American to Northern Europe to give a distinctly global feel to this collection of stories."

"Every story is different but they are all dark and predatory in places. It is well worth a read..."

He seems to have liked it!

You can catch the rest of the review here.  Don't forget the paperback is available from Lulu at the remarkable price of only £4.50.  A nice idea for a Christmas stocking-filler, perhaps?

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