Friday, January 20, 2006

Constructive boredom

It's true, boredom can be positive. *grin*. I'd got horribly bored with everything I was working on, so I dug an old novella out of my work in progress box and started messing about with it. It's a homoerotic take on Frenchman's Creek (Du Maurier's spirit will no doubt haunt me forever LOL) about a young man sent to live with relatives in Cornwall after a gay affair, who meets a mysterious captain on a hidden beach. I'm having lots of fun with it as it's something of a romp! I didn't write much extra but have been going through what I've done so far and adding some detail to link it to a specific time and date as that's something I have awful problems with in my writing. Too many stories sound as though they're set in the distant past when they're actually bang up to date! So I have to go through afterwards and [insert mobile phone here] just to make the point. LOL

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