Saturday, January 14, 2006

Whispers on the Wind

Erotic Dreams has accepted my story already which is a lovely surprise - both that the editor liked it enough to take it, and that she let me know so quickly! Not sure yet when the new issue will be up but I'll keep everyone posted.

The story is one I wrote a while back, about a young man who has a telepathic link to a secret friend, but doesn't know who the friend actually is in spite of 'talking' to him almost every day. After his mother dies he's sent to live in another land, but during the journey he falls and knocks himself out. When he awakes it's to find his secret friend at his side, but he still can't tell who it is because his eyes are bandaged. It's all very dreamy and poignant, and romantic, and it's always been a favourite of mine so I'm glad it's gone to a good home!

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