Thursday, January 26, 2006

Well, finally...

I've had my admin hat on the last couple of weeks and been running round with edits and promo stuff till my hair hurts. Yesterday though I finally got down to some serious writing on Ebb Tide, adding a few hundred words and doing some fairly hefty edits to what I've written so far. Like most of the stuff I wrote 3-4 years ago it simply has too many words and some of the sentences can be measured in yards. ;) I went through it with the proverbial red pen and hopefully it's looking healthier as a result.

It's over 13,000 words now and I'm starting to think 'novella' which means I might be able to try with either Changeling Press or Loose-ID for the first time. Both have a very good name amongst e-publishers and I'd like to give either of them a go. Memo to self: finish the damn story first. ;)

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