Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The gods are smiling

I've had four separate lots of good news today and can't quite believe my luck!

First, I've been disqualified from the judging of the Fruity Awards because One Degree of Separation has made the list of finalists in the m/m category! I'm slightly disappointed not to be involved in the judging, but heck - what an excuse!

Second, Forbidden Fruit has been nominated in the fiction magazines category of the Preditors & Editors 2005 poll, and yours truly has also been nominated in the editors category. I'm over the moon!

Next, Velvet Mafia have accepted a book review (of The Linguist by Sebastian Beaumont) which should be appearing in the zine some time before February.

And finally, Forgotten Race, an erotic story about a centaur and an archaeologist, has been accepted by Torquere Press for one of their new line of 'Taste Tests' - three-story e-books with a common theme. This one will also include centaur stories from Emily Veinglory and Kay Derwydd and we're *all* over the moon!

I wish I could have more days like this.... :)

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