Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First submission for ages

Lately I've been spending more time on longer works so I haven't had as many short stories to submit. This morning, though, I finally finished Feathered Friend, the story about a shape-shifting pigeon that I've been struggling with for the last few weeks. I've had my eye on bundling it up with The Lizard King, another story that's based on an obscure European fairy tale, and sending them both off to Freya's Bower for one of their Bites, but I wasn't certain I could hit the right word count. But the two together came in at a few words shy of 7,500 which is absolutely perfect, so after a quick read-through, edit and re-format, I duly sent them off. Now I sit here and chew my fingernails to the elbows in the hope that they'll like 'em. LOL


Faith said...

Hi Fiona!

fiona glass said...

Hi Faith - nice pic!! My fingernails are still suffering, btw.... ;)