Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New release from Kay Derwydd

Binding the Wolf by Kay Derwydd

Unleashed I

Zach is quite content in his life with his lover Nate. Despite the rigors of being a chef, he knows he can come home to relative peace. But one day, his blessed peace is interrupted when finds a box and a note from Nate. Can Zach accept Nate for what he is, even if it means the end of life as he knows it?

Unleashed II

Nate is hiding a secret from his lover. When things turn rough and the beast inside almost breaks through, Nate's only choice is to leave. He throws everything on the hope that Zach will still love him. Can he convince Zach to be the master he so desperately needs?

Rating: Sizzling

Book Length: Bites

Price: $2.00

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